The uneven-toned cement screed floor gives and edgy feel to the minimalist space. Coffee table, side table, red lamp and clear glass vase from Xtra.

Sometimes the most effective ideas are the simplest ones. Overcome the physical constraints of your small space with these five easy-to-do ideas! 

Make use of vertical space

Go vertical in a small space, especially when you’ve got a high ceiling. The full-height laminate wood panelling of this 570 sq ft home isn’t just decorative. It also draws the eye up to show off the soaring ceiling height. Interior design by Profzile.

Lower your furniture

For furniture, go low to make your space look bigger. The designers of this home customised a bed base from wood pallets. The low bed gives the room more vertical space. Interior design by Profzile. 

Make us of bay windows

What do you do with those pesky bay windows that eat into your space? Build drawers above them for useful storage! Interior design by Dreammetal.

Combine furniture

Every inch counts when you don’t have that much space, so combine functions where you can. This customised structure is not just the dining area of the home, it also divides the kitchen and living areas, plus provides shoe storage on the other side! Interior design by Dreammetal.

Wall Mounted Shelves

Not everything has to sit on the floor, taking up precious space. The designer of this three-room HDB flat made use of the walls, with a cantilevered desk and wall-mounted shelves in the study. Interior design by Box.ID.

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