Gush’s description of its latest pastel red hue, Clarion Scarlet, in its press release had us gushing over the blend of earthy brick and rose tones. 

“From red soil that pervades entire regions and landscapes, to dry African savannah environs and glorious, crimson sunsets. Red in nature can be inspiring, but it also invokes the destruction and damage that our planet is suffering,” it reads, before going on to point out that “Clarion Scarlet reflects the urgency of the climate crisis, but also the hope fueling hearts and sustaining determination.” 

This sensual shade of red looks as beautiful as the brand makes it sound, evoking an atmosphere of calmness and serenity. It’s perfect for the bedroom or powder room.

“Unlike brighter shades of red, this version is actually soothing to the senses and very easy to work into home interiors. I would call this an ‘entry-level’ red for people, who are usually averse to the colour, to experiment with. It’s hard to go wrong with this colour, especially if you complement it with other earthy tones like dark green and beige.”

Wong Liangyuan
Colour Specialist, Haven Lifestyle