It can be challenging trying to find the right colour for the walls of the dining area, because of the many functions the space is meant to perform. More than just a gathering spot for tucking into your meals, the dining area is also where family members can settle down to read, chat or catch up on some unfinished homework.

In order to make the dining room appear cosy and inviting, it helps to consider a slightly darker shade, such as this powdery Prussian blue. Contrasted with bold strokes of white and natural textures, this somewhat sombre shade appears mild and charming.

Perfect for an all-day dining space, this look is also great when applied to the living area. However, the combination may be too harsh and formal-looking for the bedroom or other private zones in the home.

Tip! Homeowners can elevate the dramatic appeal of a blue and white colour combination with classic wainscoting details.


“Prussian blue is not your typical shade of solid blue, so it can be tricky when combining it with other colours. For that reason, it is best to stick with white as an accent colour and complement it with neutral shades. When done right, this beautiful blue hue will appear even more mesmerising and captivating.”