Your choice of flooring materials can set the visual temperature of your space.

Brown-toned wood, for example, lends warmth, while natural marble looks and feels cool to the touch.

The Akoya porcelain tile collection by Italian brand Ceramica Sant’ Agostino is unique because it combines the appeal of natural stones with the lustrous quality of pearls.

Suitable for both floor and wall applications, the collection is made with the brand’s signature Krystal sanding technique, Akoya features the pattern akin to onyx and alabaster.

Akoya also the pearlescent quality of the coveted Akoya pearls, the saltwater cultured pearls from Japan famous of its lustre and roundness, lending a decadent coolness to your space.

Ceramica Sant’Agostino Akoya collection is available from Hafary in 180x90cm tiles for $13.40 per sq ft.