What gets you out of the bed in the mornings?
That would have to be the cup of freshly-brewed black coffee, that my husband Diego brings to me while I am still in bed.

Name one singer you like to listen to while you work
I love listening to Celia Cruz, a Cuban singer, whose voice and passion for music makes my cooking all shake like Celia’s hips. I also love the song Fina Estampa as interpreted by Caetano Velozo.

Tell us more about your favourite pet
My friend’s cat Papa Joe – they were my neighbors when I was growing up and Papa would request to come visit me by sitting outside my door every morning. He was so smart and loyal and I miss him now that I’ve moved out of my childhood home.

Which natural element inspires you the most?
I love the ocean, because you can always count on the waves kissing the sand. It is reassuring to know that such constants exist in the world, and that gives me a sense of confidence.

Describe your fondest memory as a child
I remember spending a lot of time at my grandmother’s house. It was a big colonial-style home in Bogota, with a center patio and white bougainvilleas all around.

Name one cause you will fight for and why
I want to see a better quality of food being served in the public school systems, including edible school gardens and an education about where our food comes from, preserving the rituals of the table and how to take care of our health.

Name one style that you hate and never want to see again…
Eighties Goth.

Describe your personal design style
Organic, vintage-inspired, loose, real and a little messy.

What would you like to have as your last meal on earth?
A glass of robust Barbaresco wine, a bowl of bucatini pasta with tomato ragu, basil from the garden and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. For dessert, a ripe melon drizzled with sherry and a piece of salted chocolate.

Name one movie you’ve watched more than once.
I am love because its art direction, wardrobe and sentimentality, matches my own style and sensibilities.