Few things compare to the captivating factor of a special artpiece when it comes to setting the perfect ambiance in a living space.

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Art means something different to everyone. What might be a piece of canvas splattered with paint to one person is a masterpiece to another. So, what denotes a piece as valuable? How do we define what makes a piece worthy of being hung in a gallery?

These are some questions I pondered when I launched Exquisite Art in 2016. I had been drawn to Singapore’s vibrance and diversity, particularly its emerging art scene. I felt that there was a gap in the offering, and I ultimately founded Exquisite Art to bring art of international status here to the open and discerning audience, contributing to the country’s position as an emerging hub for artistic talent.

Exquisite Art presents an online gallery to connect artists with prospective buyers, bridging influential buyers who appreciate exquisite art with talented international artists. The reach of our artists to the global market is not limited by their nationality or geographic location.

Exquisite Art has an extensive offering for local homeowners, including artists hailing from Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine.

Meticulously curated by me, myself and I, Exquisite Art encourages our roster of artists to create unique artworks that will pique the interest of international buyers. We curate all mediums of art, including paintings and sculptures. Our UI-friendly experience allows buyers to select their specific interests or requirements from the categories provided: Artist, Medium, Style, Genre, Height, Width, and even the Artist’s origin.

One of the biggest challenges I face daily is narrowing down the incredible global talent pool to ensure Exquisite Art’s online offering is well-structured and appeals to various tastes. I typically work with artists from a distinguished and highly trained arts background, providing them with a platform to share their work with a global audience. This is something I am passionate about, and I am proud to have enabled many emerging artists to commercialise their work.

I am a very sociable person by nature. I love attending art fairs and exhibitions, which has helped me meet incredible talents from around the world and better understand the varying tastes of my existing and potential new customers. One of the beautiful things about an online art gallery is how easy it is for me to constantly hunt and promote new talents.

In a way, I am the constant curator, as I continue to refresh the offering based on new inspirations and artists discovered. My clients often ask me, “should I purchase art for pleasure or investment purposes?”. This is a valid question and one that I am pleased to share my input on. At the end of the day, a piece of art should add something to your life that goes beyond monetary value.

Art is a risky investment, so this should never be the sole reason for procuring a particular piece.

Art is a risky investment, so this should never be the sole reason for procuring a particular piece. Rather, the art you select to adorn your walls should trigger an emotional or spiritual response of some sort. Whilst some buyers like to feel happy when they look at their pieces, others prefer to be challenged. Either way, there’s an attachment to the work beyond its perceived value.

About Livette

A self-made businesswoman with a passion for bringing international art to Singapore, Livette Dikalenko is the founder of Exquisite Art – an online art gallery that aims to give artists, especially those from Central Asia, a platform to sell their one-of- a-kind work on an international level. Prices start from $450.