With Chinese New Year following closely after Christmas, switching from one festive look to another can be no easy feat. To help you kick off the year of the Ox with a refreshed look for your homes, we have curated 8 Huat Items suitable for every home!

1. Ariston Andris2 Top 30 WIFI Storage Water Heater

worth $519

Meet the first Wi-Fi enabled smart water heater with Aqua Ariston Net App Control. It is equipped with long-lasting titanium heating element with lifetime warranty. The heater also has AG+ Silver Ions with antibacterial properties for greater hygiene.  If that’s not enough, this also saves waiting time and up to 25 per cent electricity!

2. ELO Living DEW Fruit & Vegetable Washer

worth $429

Transform the way you prepare your food, and protect the health of your loved ones with this fuss-free DEW Fruit & Vegetable Washer. Some scientists estimate that virus can last for 24 to 72 hours on fresh produce. With DEW Fruit & Vegetable Washer, viruses and bacteria on fresh produce can be removed using ozone technology which is said to be effective in neutralising viruses. Another plus point – there are absolutely no chemicals in the disinfection process. You can now enjoy clean fruits and vegetables within minutes!

3. ELO Living Nano-1 Integrated H₂O System With DEW Water Dispenser Bundle

worth $1,238

Enjoy cold, hot and room temperature water at the touch of button, while the 3-in-1 NANO-1 Integrated H2O Water System does the magic. Tap water flows through the anti-bacterial silver-impregnated mesh which traps bacteria, sediments and rust, then through the high-performance NSF certified activated carbon block to reduce chlorine, solid contaminants, bad taste and odour, and finally through the nanofibre membrane to block out bacteria, submicron inorganic and organic contaminants via electro-absorption.

4. Kadeka Medley Wine Chiller

worth $1,588

Enjoy your wines and beers chilled with this sleek black stainless steel wine chiller from Kadeka. It features a separate compartment with its own temperature zones and customisable racking system, suitable for storing and serving canned beverages. The fully extendable rails also allows for easy access to everything you’ve stored it in. This is the perfect solution for both wine and other beverages in the same chiller! 

5. KDK Standing Fans [N40HS]

worth $199 each

The N40HS is equipped with a natural wind fluctuation pattern for comfort that makes you feel closer to nature. Its energy-saving Eco mode intelligently adjusts the fan speed according to the surrounding temperature. If you are allergic and sensitive to dust, fret not. This KDK fan is also equipped with a Super Allergy-Buster filter, able to catch allergens such as dead dust mites, ticks and pollen. In this hot weather, one fan is not enough for your homes, so we have two of this standing fans up for the giveaway for one winner!

6. Mayer Built In Pyrolytic Oven [MMDO15P]

worth $1,899

As its name suggests, this Mayer Built In Pyrolytic Oven [MMDO15P] comes with Pyrolytic Cleaning Capability. It thoroughly cleanses your oven with the push of a button. One cycle and your oven is as good as new! This oven also boasts 14 functions, including fermentation for yeast based products (e.g. bread, yogurt) and top & bottom heat – a baking essential. Safety features like the  4 layer glass door & safety lock during pyrolysis will keep you safe from high heat, and the reinforced oven body prevents warping of your cabinetry after use.

7. Ruhens Water Electrolyser

worth $299

The Ruhens Water Electrolyser is the nifty creation you didn’t know you need. It creates electrolysed water which is able to remove up to 99 per cent germs and bacteria. Did we mention it has deodorising properties too? This is perfect if you have little ones at home as this can be used on toys, furniture, shoes and almost everything in your home.

8. Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator

worth $299

Keep spaces at home safe and free from viruses and bacteria with the tiny and mighty Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator. At just 90mm x 90mm x 95mm, this cube air purifier is made perfect to fit into shoe cabinets, small closets, study tables and other personal spaces. This Plasmacluster Ion Generator has been proven to be effective at removal of airborne mould, reducing growth of adhering mould, suppressing the activity of adhering viruses and many more.

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