Those exposed light bulbs have been a rather permanent fixture in trendy Scandinavian and industrial themed homes in recent years; and this trend isn’t fading out just yet. Here are 10 ideas to display them a little differently. 

1. Vary the types of exposed light bulbs and get messy with the cables. (Interior design by Urban Design & Builders)

2. Twirl the cables around a beam. 

3. Combine the black cables with black trunking. (Interior design by Spacious Planners)

4. Hang the light bulbs in a cluster.

5. Instead of hanging them from the ceiling, another way is to spread them out on the wall.

6. Separate them into different clusters for a grungier effect. (Interior design by Io Man Style Kounsel)

7. Keep it minimal for a bigger impact. (Interior design by Museum)

8. Spread the lights out from a single canopy for a chandelier-esque effect.

9. Match the cables with other outstanding colours used in the rest of the room’s decor. (Interior design by Three-D Conceptwerke)

10. Top the light bulb off with a top hat.


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