National Day is in a few days, and to celebrate we've pulled together some great homes that remind you of a time when policemen still wore shorts, ice sticks cost 10 cents and kachang puteh sellers sold their makan outside cinemas. These homeowners hunted down the best of Singapore's retro and vintage building and furnishing design trends and brought them into their homes.

So as you celebrate #SG50 this year, take a walk down memory lane with us and enjoy taking a look at some beautiful homes.


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1) This owner is lucky cause his walk-up heritage apartment in Tiong Bahru already has a charming 60s design. He added on to the retro look of the home with pieces of old furniture.

tiong bahru, sg50, kitchen, retro, nostalgic, spaces, dining space
2) The retro dining table and chairs fit perfectly with the old-school stove and lamp!


3) The nostalgic dining nook features dark wood furniture accented by a row of Peranakan tiles, and a beautiful glass lighting feature.

4) Ventilation blocks as a divider for that peekaboo kaypo effect. 

5) This homeowner clearly spent plenty of time ordering kopi siu dai from the coffeeshop under his flat.

6) Trishaw? Florale patterned sofa set? Old bird cage? THIS IS PATRIOTISM 101!

7) The little rug matches the retro bathroom with its coloured glass screen, stand-alone sink and mosaic tiles!

8) This room is just missing a spittoon. 

9) Beaded curtains, forever fashionable.

10) Retrolicious patterns to welcome you home.

11) Can someone tells us where to find this convex mirror? The office needs one for sharp corners in the corridor.

12) This scene is missing a good morning towel. 

13) More ventilation blocks! 

14) Aside from the dull pastel green tiles and DIY-style pinboard, this owner went old-school HDB-style and replaced her toilet door with a bright green zinc door. 

nostalgic, interior design, 50s, 60s, singapore, hdb flat, decor, sg50
15) The simple master bedroom was made cosy with some old-fashioned accents such as a recycled metal grille gate and lace drapes.

nostalgic, interior design, 50s, 60s, singapore, hdb flat, decor, sg50
16) The bare, low-maintenance features of the kitchen brings a gritty charm to the space. We especially love the glass blocks at the back of the kitchen! So classic.

vintage, nostalgic, singapore, sg50, study
17) Some would toss out this old cabinet, but this owner found charm in its worn-out appearence and uses it in his study.

18) This modern HDB flat has just a touch of the 60s with the divider made of ventilation blocks at the balcony.

19) We're loving the light, cotton curtains, faded blue bedspread and high-gloss blue-toned headboard.

20) The original window frames of this old HDB flat allows light into the home and preserves the home's retro vibe.