A home designed to reflect the homeowner’s character and personality not only helps it stand out from other cookie-cutter templates, it also speaks of the owner’s good taste and level of confidence. That’s why many homeowners are eschewing the option of having plain painted walls for their interiors, choosing instead to go with a variety of wall treatments to give the spaces the wow-factor they deserve. Here’s a look at 5 ways you can transform a wall into a stunning accent.

1) Wall panelling

It’s amazing how different a wall can look as soon as you add a frame over it. A common practice in the West, Asian homeowners are only coming round to the idea of framing a wall. Here, the wall panelling near the entrance is complemented by the choice of a bold black hue, adding tonnes of personality and statement to the entire home. 

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2) Fabric padding

Soften the look of a dining area by padding the walls with velvety fabric. This way, you can transform the space into an intimate dining booth. Padding your walls also helps to prevent sounds from bouncing off a hard wall, bringing extra comfort to your ears in the long run. 

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3) Multi-purpose Panelling

In addition to cladding your walls, you can add shelving to it. The wooden slats on these walls are complemented by the shelving units in the same texture. Not only does it provide the home with extra storage space, it also helps to become the highlight of the space.

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4) Brick-lined

Considered a de-rigueur wall treatment when going for an industrial look, brick walls add plenty of texture and warmth to a room. While authentic brick walls are not as easy to come by these days, modern homeowners can still get the look by using wallcoverings that offer the same look and feel. There are also brick wall tiles available, which can be combined to form a brick wall facade. 

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5)Tiles and Mosaic

A wall treatment that was commonly used in the early sixties, tiles and mosaics have gone full circle from its retro roots. These days, tiles and mosaics come in larger sizes and patterns. Mixing them with smaller ones also helps to make a narrow space (as shown in this kitchen) appear larger and more spacious. Talk about optical illusion! 

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