Great home libraries are a sanctuary of sorts, especially for bookworms! Check out these 6 home libraries that are perfect for inspiration.

The Hanging Library:

hanging library, home library, mesh flooring, shelves, books, library
Design: Prozfile

Got a high ceiling? No problem, convert it into a hanging library instead! This not only provides the homeowner with his own private reading space, but also makes for an interesting conversation starter. 


Slide and Hide:

sliding shelves, home library, home design, interior design, book shelf
Design: Prozfile

There’s more than what you see when it comes to these shelves! These homeowners customised their bookshelf to slide down and close off the living room area, while revealing another hidden book shelf! 


Glass Shelving:

glass shelf, home library, home design, interior design
Design: Museum Homes

This seamless shelving is unobstructed by any stairs or ladders. Instead, glass flooring gives the homeowners access to books on the second level. 


Classic and Chic:

home library, home design, classic, red wall, dark wood
Design: At Home & Garden

Masculine undertones are evident in this library’s dark woody cupboards and deep red wallpaper. The rows of multi-coloured books create a cluttered but maximalist effect.



home library, Scandinavian, scandi-inspired, white space, home design, interior design
Design: Free Space Intent

Clean cut lines and white spacious interiors make for a perfect Scandi-styled library. This designer took a spin on the usual shelves by making the heights stagger, making it a visual element on its own.


Easy Breezy:

home library, simple design, organised shelves, book shelves, interior design, home design
Design: Habit LLP

This homeowner can easily find what he’s looking for with this organised bookshelf. The sliding ladder is a chic and functional touch, allowing him to reach his top shelves without hassle.