Minimalism has been the in-thing of recent times, but not everybody would fall in love with a simplistic and clean outlook. For all you homeowners looking for a more maximalist design, these 6 homes will be perfect for inspiration. And if you are a fan of the minimal, perhaps these homes will change your mind!


rustic, maximalist, maximalism home design, interior design, antique carpets, painting
Design: Grafunkt

Several different textures and patterns all come together harmoniously to fill this living space with homeliness and comfort. Printed cushions add fun and vibrancy, while the old-fashioned rug gave the room a vintage appearance


A Thai Influence:
maximalist, maximalism interior design, thai design, interior design, home decor, maximalist design
Design: Zarch Collaboratives

This home employs maximalism with its various paintings and sculptures, all making for an artistic look. Texture is added with antique rugs on the floor, while colour was infused with the bright red shelves.


The Blue Hue:

maximalist, maximalism, maximalist interior design, living room, study, blue
Image: Fashion Food Fotos

The first thing that catches your eye when you first look at this room would be the striking bright blue splashed across the walls, shelves, and cabinets. Daring graphical patterns on the sofa seats provide a stark contrast, while the myriad of stacked books create an organised clutter. 


Oriental Vibes:

oriental, maximalist, maximalism, maximalist design, interior design, living room
Design: Substance Living

Dive into a maximalist home decorated with Asian elements. A textured feature wall and a vintage rug mixes well to give the living room a sense of fullness, while other details such as the cushions and the classic drawer cabinets add to a pleasantly crowded space.


Pattern Play:

maximalist, maximalism, pattern wallpaper, pattern cushions, interior design, living room
Image: Apartment Theraphy

This room mixes some of the boldest and most vibrant patterned prints in an interesting way. Framed artwork lines the walls, adding on to the maximalist vibe portrayed by the designer. Other coloured furnishings add even more pizazz to the living room.


Eclectic Charm:

maximalist, maximalism, maximalist home design, home decor, living spaces, bali, thai
Design: Steve Thio and Jimmy Tan

A multitude of patterns and hues blend together in this homeowner’s living spaces, creating a visual kick to whoever lays eyes on it. The room seems filled to the brim with trinkets of all sorts, but it still somehow manages to look rustic and well-balanced.

Have these homes convinced you to give the maximalist trend a try? There are so many various ways to incorporate maximalism into your living spaces, so go ahead and give it a go!