1. You can, but don’t necessarily have to, extend the style of the rest of the home into the bedroom. Think of what relaxes you – from colour to scent and music – and bring it in. Your personality should come through in the form of travel finds, artwork, and other quirky knick knacks.

 Como Point Yamu

2. Be inspired by your surroundings. Renowned Italian designer Paola Navone, who worked on the idyllic Como Point Yamu, chose “a colour scheme based on the varied blues of the sea” she saw in Phuket.

 Sir Savigny

3. Bedroom features should look and feel good. “For a gorgeous yet comfortable, safe, and cosy bedroom, find right balance and combination of different textures and materials. Suede and leather have a rich feel and touch, whereas velvet oozes luxury.” – Saar Zafrir, designer of the rooms at Sir Savigny.


4. Lighting is key; a dimly lit room evokes an intimate and relaxing atmosphere, whereas thin linen curtains are perfect for early risers who love the sun. Dimmable lights are ideal for those who want both.

 Design: Elly Macdonald

5. “Scale your reading lamps to the headboard and bedside tables – avoid small lamps that are visually swamped by tall headboards, and that also don’t project light bright enough to be maximally functional.” – Interior designer Elly Macdonald.


6. Soft furnishings like duvets, cushions, and rugs help soften hard surfaces – such as cold flooring and sharp edges on your furniture – and absorb noise. They are also easy ways to add colour, when the rest of the room is fairly plain.

7.Indulge in something, whether it’s a designer armchair for your cosy reading nook, or the luxurious high-pile rug that will add pizzazz to your room. It is your personal sanctuary, after all.