Dressing a home in a monochromatic colour palette is, well, not so black and white. It's more than just about having white walls and black furniture. While the black-and-white combination is timeless, it can look a little flat or basic. Choosing the right furniture, including textures, and creating visual focal points throughout the home keeps things interesting, stylish, and cosy. Here are some tips:

Use black for unconventional areas of the home, such as this all-black kitchen:

Don't want to commit to an all-black kitchen? Use black for large yet unobstrusive areas instead, like doors and room dividers.

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You don't have to stick to black and white only. Inject colours, such as a brown leather sofa — another timeless classic.

Use patterns and motifs to establish your monochrome theme.

Jazz up a pretty simple formula (black wall, white sheets) with interesting details that give it a more wholesome and cosy atmosphere. This homeowner chose a quilted duvet, wooden ceiling panels, and a protruding pair of bedlamps.

Your accessories can follow suit. We love the moody, black-and-white photographs this homeowner chose to hang on the wall.

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It's subtle, but it makes a lot of difference; plants and greenery (whether on the wall or outside) add texture, colour and liveliness to a home.