There are so many different styles when it comes to bedroom design. We compiled 7 different standout bedroom spaces that we love, and hopefully these will help you get inspired for your next bedroom makeover!

industrial, chic, bedroom, brick wall, suspended lights, wooden panels
Design: Whiz Concepts

If you’re a fan of raw elements, then this bedroom is probably going to be your favourite. The homeowner of this home decided to integrate faux bricks into his feature wall and suspended exposed light bulbs above, adding an industrial look to the space. The red grid lines on the concrete ceiling adds a bold pop of colour to an otherwise neutral-coloured room. 


luxury, tufted headboard, gold accents, chanel inspired
Design: Royal Living

Elegant Luxury:
It’s clear the homeowners of this bedroom love elements of luxury. The colour scheme alone was inspired by some of the most famous names in the high fashion market such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel.


blue walls, blue themed, calming bedroom, wooden bedframe
Design: Grafunkt

True Blue:
Step into tranquillity. This homeowner’s choice of calming blue for his bedroom interiors definitely help to set a peaceful ambience. Two suspended Gubi pendant lamps flank the bed, and the homeowner also decorated his clean blue walls with framed artwork.


retro, wallpaper, watercoloured wallpaper, pastel hue, vintage bedroom
Design: WY-TO

Back to the 1930s:
Rest and relax in a pale but soothing colour palette. These homeowners went back in time by choosing a 1930s-inspired watercolour wallpaper for their bedroom. Decor is kept to the minimum with sleek white cupboards, and a clear glass bedside table. The bold suspended industrial cage lighting help create contrast against the pale pastel room. 


modern asian, balinese bedroom, calligraphy painting, asian influence, asian style
Design: Edgeline Planners

Sticking to Asian Roots:
Asian elements can be seen all over this large bedroom, from the bright red four-poster bed frame, to the antique chest of drawers. This homeowner also added calligraphy paintings from Balinese artist Rumi. To make the large space feel cosier, dark blue was used on one wall to make the space feel slightly more closed in. 


blank bedroom, white space, wide concept, white wood, wooden bedframe
Design: Desmond Ong

Blank Space:
Some like it fancy, while some like it simple. This bedroom features little to no decor, but still looks chic. The homeowners decided to use mainly light wood to add texture to their space, while keeping it very minimal. The open feel of the room can be attributed to the clean, plain white walls that surround the space. 


colonial bungalow, tropicana themed, resort themed, handmade, white space
Design: paper+white

The New Tropicana:
The tropical look of this bedroom space speaks for itself. Besides the white slatted wardrobe doors, resort-like details such as the wicker pendant lights create a relaxing and inviting interior. The wood flooring ties in nicely with the overall tropical look.