Spend quality time and host your guests in the dining room of your dreams! Take a look at these 7 standout dining room designs for some great ideas.

Geometric Goodness:

geometric, dining room, interior design, room decor, hanging pieces
Design: Space Sense

Shapes and lines are all over this dining space! Bright red geometric chairs create a stark contrast to the plain white walls, and little bits like the decorative letters and the structural hanging piece all complement the overall design.



home decor, interior design, dining room, tiles, colourful, crockery, lamp
Design: The Scientist

Faded vintage tiles make the highlight of this dining area. Fun is infused with the little pops of colour from the crockery and vivid yellow lamps.


A Printed Party:

dining room design, interior design, room decor, printed, green wallpaper
Design: Design Intervention

Green is not necessarily the colour a person thinks of when it comes to wallpaper, but it turned out great for this homeowner! Orange and cream hues from the chairs help to balance the green.


Urban Industrial:

home decor, interior design, industrial, dining room, suspended bulbs, pop art
Design: Urban Design & Builders

Have you ever thought of mixing different-styled bulbs for a maximalist effect? Simple woody benches accompany the look, with a striking pop artwork to add a good blend of colour.


Country Luxe:

home decor, interior design, luxe style, velvet, tufted chairs
Design: At Home & Garden

This dining space might look grand with accents like the velvet tufted chairs, or the polished metallic mirror, but a neutral colour scheme makes the room feel homely.


Blue Hued:

home decor, interior design, blue hues, minimalistic, scandinavian
Design: Grafunkt

An undeniable Scandinavian atmosphere fills this dining room. Simplistic blue chairs and shelving contribute to a clean outlook.


Edgy Asian:

balinese, dining room, interior design, asian elements, colourful, artwork
Design: Edgeline Planners

Everything bursts with colour in this dining room – from the colourful graphics on the wall, the bold red dining chairs, and everything in between! Balinese elements like the sculptures are also present.