A perfect home comes with the perfect kitchen, and these homeowners can attest to that! Whether you’re into woody, vintage or simply clean styles, we’re pretty sure these kitchen designs will make you want a newly revamped kitchen.

Colour Dosage:

colourful, kitchen, interior design, artwork, tiles, eclectic
Design: Three-D Conceptwerke

Monochromatic is not in these homeowners’ dictionaries when it comes to interior design. The kitchen is filled with a wide array of bright and bold colours from its walls, all the way down to the tiles. 


Back in Time:

kitchen design, interior design, retro, vintage tiles, colourful pots
Design: The Scientist

The tiling of this kitchen brings back some serious retro vibes! Almost every wall visible is covered in vintage tiles that effortlessly give off a homey and antique finish. 


Artsy Industrial:

artsy industrial, kitchen design, interior design, home decor, brick wall, artwork
Design: Space Sense

You’ve seen tons of industrial interior designs before, but not quite one like this. These homeowners did not just stop at a classic brick wall, but they also decided to add little pockets of colour by hanging up noteworthy mini artworks.


The Light Way:

kitchen design, interior design, white space, minimalist, clear, sleek
Design: Artistroom

Light-coloured walls always make a room feel more open and spacious. The owners of this kitchen decided to go with that concept, creating a roomy and uncluttered kitchen space.


Chalkboard Charisma:

chalkboard, kitchen design, interior design, industrial, concrete
Design: Spacious Planners

The chalkboard addition makes this kitchen unique. Chalkboards take such an interesting spin on simply writing down to-do lists or recipes on boring sheets of paper, and also infuse energy into an otherwise ordinary kitchen.


Retro Industrial:

industrial design, interior design, kitchen design, bright and bold
Design: WY-TO

Besides this kitchen’s commodious area, another cool feature would be their contrasting yellow pegboard backsplash, which also doubles up as a holder for kitchen tools.


The Style Medley:

eclectic, kitchen design, interior design, marble, coloured
Design: Museum Homes

Elements like a marble counter top, a red barn-style door and retro flooring are not necessary what one would bring together for a singular kitchen design, but it proved to be a great idea. 

All 7 different kitchen designs embodied their own sense of style and functionality. We hope this has provided you with more renovation and design inspirations for your own home!