Home offices don’t have to be boring or a messy room that’s closed off from the rest of the home. Here are some workspaces that prove it.


Idea: Jazz up your space with motivational photos (hey, motivational is subjective and if vacation photos make you work harder, go for it!)


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Idea: If bold colours distract you, go for earthy and neutral hues instead.


Idea: What a creative way to make use of an odd corner!


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Idea: Colour-zoning is one way to separate spaces.


Idea: You can also extend design elements from the living spaces – such as the patterns seen in this office – into your study. This creates a unified, harmonious look.


Idea: Provide ample space for your files as well as knick knacks that decorate your office.


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Idea: Close off your workspace for ultimate privacy.



Idea: Create a him and her space, maybe?


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