(Photo: Aziz Hussin for The Straits Times)

For teachers Nurul Hatta Takim, 39, and Hafiza Yahya, 35, moving into a jumbo flat has given their children the opportunity to learn important life skills. The family splits the household chores as they do not have a maid to help, and the older children are responsible for cleaning their rooms and bathrooms.

The couple, who bought their Woodlands Avenue 1 flat for about $700,000 three years ago, have four children aged two to 14.

"It was challenging to maintain the flat at the start, but we now have a schedule going. We have no regrets, as we really wanted a home where the kids could run around," said Mr Nurul Hatta.

(Photo: Aziz Hussin for The Straits Times)

The long space near the flat's entrance, for instance, has become a "racing track" for two-year-old Aydin Ezra, who has a toy sports car.

The couple, who previously lived in a five-room executive flat, spent four months working with an interior designer to create spaces that suited their needs. Their current flat has a floor area of over 186 sq m. 

Ms Hafiza, who is a fitness buff, used to jog alone in the estate at 4.30am daily, but found it could be dangerous. Now, she begins her day by working out at home, after she transformed one of their five bedrooms into a gym.

The couple also hacked down a wall and expanded their master bedroom, so they could create their dream walk-in wardrobe. Their plans were also made with the future in mind, including an option for it to be partitioned so that their parents could live with them if they wished, but still have their privacy. 

(Photo: Aziz Hussin for The Straits Times)

Said Mr Nurul Hatta: "It took us a while to find the right place for our family, but having the option of a jumbo flat turned out to be perfect for us."

Adapted from The Straits Times, written by Ng Huiwen.