Features of this house are the natural and unmanicured greenery and a "hanging garden" above the pool.


The interior designer of this bright and airy home created an environment which allows the homeowner to embrace nature in his very own tropical resort.  Furniture in refreshing hues that call to mind vermillion sunsets and tropical fruit bring the home's neutral colour palette to life.

A great view can be enjoyed from the living area, which has a large, customised sofa with vibrant orange upholstery.

Dramatic lighting overhead complements the long glass-topped dining table, also giving the space some pizazz with its sculptural quality.

The kitchen island countertop appears to float due to its supporting mirrored base and column! The mirrored surfaces also reflect light and make the space look bigger.

Wooden trims have been incorporated into the design of the front door, giving it an attractive, unique look.

The top floor of the home has become the master suite, comprising the sleeping and dressing area, study and lounge.

Dark and masculine is the theme for the master bathroom, which is also open to the outdoors and surrounding greenery.

The customised stainless steel washbasin has a hammered design, adding to the elegant and luxurious bathroom.