Much of this apartment's character is brought out by the unique choices of finishes. So the designers at Space Sense left most of the space undecorated, allowing this home to strike a balance between minimalist and industrial styles — two seemingly clashing aesthetics that actually gel well together!

While the exposed brick wall can appear rough, the warm timber floors help lend some warmth and cosiness to this living room.


The living room is decked out in grey tones to complement the decorative exposed black trunking.


The kitchen counter's bold wood grain laminates gives the space an edgy yet contemporary look. 


The industrial theme was carried into the kitchen, which features a concrete screed wall and a construction beam.


A bookshelf made of spray-painted metal pipes break up the monotony of this white pillar.


The bedroom is kept utterly minimal and serene to ease the couple into better rest. 


Raw wood finishes were incorporated in the bathroom as well.


A gritty concrete laminate clad the full heigh wardrobe, giving this functional space a strong visual presence.