For most people, shower-time is the only part of their day where they can truly relax and unwind alone — especially after a long day at work. A stuffy bathroom (note: stuffy does not necessarily mean small), or a bathroom devoid of personality, is not ideal for the nightly rejuvenation you deserve. Scroll down for some bathroom design inspiration!

We understand that the ideal bathroom is subjective, though, so for this episode of Insights, Outside we hit the streets to find out what most envision their dream bathrooms to look like. It seems that many loooove marble, and an all-white scheme. Watch the clip below.

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Have you thought of using a store-bought washbasin? This one, from Ikea, has a utilitarian appeal.


Design around the existing sink, and play with proportions for a unique look. Design: The Scientist


This all-white master bathroom with a see-through concept is “outlined” by the use of black framed glass panels, for an interesting visual effect. (Design: Bowerman Interior Planner)


Brickwork and mosaic tiles come together in a colour and material clash, for an unexpected feature wall. Design: Space Sense


Jazz up your plain bathroom with Moroccan-style tiles. Design: D’Haus


The homeowners of this condominium apartment wanted the master bathroom to have both a shower area and bathtub. The designer customised a 2-in-1 fixture cladded in marble-look ceramic tiles. Paired with wood for the under-sink storage and doors, this intimate space exudes a resort-inspired vibe. Design: Piu Design

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