If you've ever wondered how interior designers have done up their own homes, satisfy your curiosity here!

1. House Tour: $100,000 dramatic three-room HDB flat you've got to see!
Interior designer New Nyew loves pushing the envelope when it comes to design – just look at her three-room HDB flat!

New Nyew


2. House Tour: Renovation for this interior designer's home cost $30,000!
Look out for the unique decor features of this apartment – the home of the boss of KNQ Associates.

KNQ Associates


3. House Tour: Supersized HDB flat
This I-can't-believe-it's-a-HDB-flat HDB flat by the founder of ICIA was one of our cover homes! Nuff said.



4. House Tour: An interior designer's revamped three-bedroom apartment
Vintage furniture is mixed in with contemporary designer pieces in the family home of JQ Ong of The Association.

JQ Ong The Association


5. House Tour: $300,000 renovation for this interior designer's four-bedroom condo home
Step into the cool sophisticated apartment that is the home of interior designer Sarah Tham of Cube Associate Design.

Sarah Tham Cube Associates