They're the experts! Get more ideas from these homes owned by interior designers.

1. House Tour: An interior designer's mod-industrial HDB flat
Cool isn't it? And the five-room HDB flat of the ID who runs W2DA is home to two young kids as well!



2. House tour: This vintage styled colonial bungalow is so edgy it’s a charm!
Davina's gorgeous home might be rented, but it looks fabulous with her magic touch with interiors.

black and white bungalow


3. House Tour: HDB terrace house with a cool colourful barcode concept
The designer/ homeowner of this rare HDB terrace house is also an architect!

three-room HDB terrace house Queenstown


4. House Tour: Great ideas for an effortlessly stylish and relaxed home
Actually Nathan Yong isn't an interior designer, but he IS the co-founder and owner of furniture shop Grakunkt and a President Design Award winner! 

Nathan Yong