Ever wanted to buy your own village? Now you can! For the low low price of USD25.76 million!

Alright we kid, most of us are pretty far from even being able to afford a local home without taking a loan. But, one can always dream!

Depp bought an ancient French village in 2001, cafes, churches, homes and all. He dreamed of preserving the place, keeping the rustic charm of the rough pathways, lush greenery and faded stone walls of each building. In total, he purchased 12 buildings.

The village is about 27km north of St Tropez. This means its still close enough to civilisation, but far enough to provide the seclusion some crave. The whole village is about 10,760sqft and has a main house, several guest cottages, a chapel, a bar, a restaurant, a garage and a staff house. 

It also has a pirate-themed wine celler. An ode to his career as Captain Jack Sparrow perhaps?

The village is thought to have bee built in the 1800s. He spent millions renovating and restoring the space over a period of 15 years.

The estate also includes a skate park and two swimming pools.

Unlike most wealthy celebrities who bring in decorators and architects, Depp decorated each building himself.

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