Doing away with walls separating the living, dining and cooking areas is a great way to optimise the space in an apartment, but how do you then integrate the various zones without compromising on looks or functionality?

In this spacious four-bedroom HDB BTO unit, designed by acclaimed local interior design firm Three-D Conceptwerke, the open-concept space is a cohesive union of the living room, dining area and kitchen. The cosy atmosphere is enhanced by a neutral colour scheme and stylish accessories. Here’s how Three-D Conceptwerke achieved the look with a renovation budget of $60,000.

1) Create a focal point

One of the key issues was defining a clear focal point, by studying the layout of the space. The dining island takes centre stage because it helps to connect the living area with the kitchen, and is also where all communal activities take place. Designed to encourage interaction among people in the home, it can be either a dining table or a workspace. In order to ensure visual continuity from one zone to another, the ID kept to the colour white for the walls and ceiling, as well as countertops, for all three spaces.

2) Include accent colours

Accent colours were added to create depth and dimension, as well as give the home a welcoming vibe. Rose gold pendant lamps above the dining area complement well with the white finishes on the kitchen cabinetry.

For the kitchen, a splash of blue was added. This is a subtle indication of the separation between the dining area and the wet kitchen, while the open and airy space is maintained.

3) Ensure continuity in design

In order to integrate the look of the open space with the master bedroom, the team adopted the blue hue used for the kitchen cabinetry as the main colour for the bedroom walls. This results in a warm and intimate setting for the sleeping area, while keeping in line with the design language throughout the home.

4) Don’t forget the bathroom

A common mistake made by many homeowners is not including the bathroom in the home design. By using the same colour palette for the bathroom, Three-D Conceptwerke managed to make the bath area appear visually more spacious and inviting. The clever use of lighting and accessories also adds to the style quotient. For more ideas on how to maximise the use of your HDB BTO unit, you can contact the ID firm to arrange a personal consultation.

About Three-D Conceptwerke

Getting the keys to your HDB BTO apartment is the first step in an exciting journey of transforming a space into a cosy home, but it can be a challenging time, when you’re faced with so many possibilities. That’s when working with a reliable and trusted interior design firm becomes essential to your renovation plans.

Since its establishment in 2006, interior design firm Three-D Conceptwerke has worked with like-minded design-conscious homeowners, to create home spaces that meet both form and function. With its team of designers and keen sense of design, the firm has worked on projects ranging from commercial to residential properties like landed properties, condominiums and HDB apartments.

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