The concept of this home was simple: a place for the homeowners to unwind and relax after a long day. To achieve a simplistic and relaxing environment, the home had a simple colour palette of neutral hues – white, greys and pale woods. The texture of the wood grain warms the space and prevents the white and grey from giving the home a dull look. 

light wood, neutral, pale, textures, living room
The eye catching pebble rug adds character and texture to the living room. With the same materials used for the walls and windows, the home has a clean look.

kitchen, boxed up, pale wood laminate,
To present an airy, light-filled ambience, even the kitchen was boxed up with pale-wood laminate with a matching pocket door. 

dining room, extra room, hiding area, storage area
Looking out towards the living room, the enclosed dining room is on the left. The pocket sliding doors of the area act as “walls” to provide privacy. It can either demarcate two zones (the dining area and guest bedroom), or slide away to create a communal space.

bedroom, bedside table, dark wood, black
In a different shade and grain of wood, the master bedroom nightstand complements the timber laminate and parquet flooring. 

study room, light wood, pale tones, neutral
This posh looking lair has turned out to be a contemporary haven indeed for its owners.