Interior designer New Nyew was inspired by a “dungeon concept” when she started the $100,000 renovation of her three-room HDB flat – which explains the beams wallpapered to resemble stone, and dim lighting.  

Packed with opulent finishes, many from e-retailer Taobao, every room is an adventure in colour and one-of-a-kind style. 

A kitchen island and long L-shaped counter provide ample space for food preparation and storage. The homeowners replaced the wall between the kitchen and bedroom with a glass wardrobe, for a better visual flow of space. 

Paired with Marilyn Monroe cushions, the tufted sofa in the TV area adds a touch of glamour, but is really an economical purchase from Taobao. 

As the master bathroom is quite small, the homeowners moved the vanity area out to the entrance of the bedroom, but screened it off to provide privacy. 

New added splashes of gold, her favourite colour, to the bathroom – on the floor, walls, and in the form of accessories such as the cage light and toilet-paper holder.