Renovations are supposed to improve on your home. And good, functional design is always simple, but effective. Take some renovation design tips from this home at The Interlace condo by the designers at Dyel.

1. Here’s a kitchen with a view. The designers took down half the kitchen wall so whoever’s working in the kitchen can see and interact with people in the living room. It’s a more affordable solution compared to replacing the whole wall with glass, and the back of the sofa can still be pushed against the half-wall.

kitchen, living room, sofa


2. This is the perfect solution if one partner wants to watch TV in the bedroom at night, and the other wants to sleep. In this large bedroom, a partition wall holds the TV set, which swivels to face either the bed, or the sofa set.

TV set, bedroom, platform bed


3. Are you a hoarder of decor accessories, books, curios and collectibles? Build one big display shelf to show off your treasures. It brings impact to the space and keeps the rest of your home hopefully clutter free!

display shelf, living room, sofa