This bachelor pad showcases vibrant red and blue hues inspired by the homeowner's favourite boyhood superhero, Superman.

He sourced his contractor Kent Mah of Beyond Basics on the feasibility of his plans before sourcing the pieces that would turn his dream home into reality.

As both hues are bold colours, the homeowner felt it was better to create different zones dedicated to each instead of mixing them up.

The "outside" areas such as living, dining and kitchen spaces take on the chilli red of the Man of Steel's cape and boots, while the bedrooms are clad in the more soothing blue of his suit. White is used to temper both colours and offer a touch of contrast.

The kitchen is kept fuss-free and well-organised.

The original master bedroom was converted into an expansive walk-in warbrobe, letting the homeowner dress up in style and comfort.

Soothing shades of blue dominate the bedroom, offering a sense of tranquility in this cosy retreat.

The "easy" living environment was the result of the meticulous planning process the homeowner went through with his contractor on this $50,000 renovation.