Before its renovation, this resale three-bedroom condominium apartment was small, dark and cramped. It was a far cry from the modern, spacious home the homeowners wanted.

Knowing that a major renovation was needed, the newly-weds turned to Raymond Kua from The Design Practice for help. “They didn’t really know what style they wanted for the home,” explains the designer, “but they knew that it was more than just aesthetic changes that had to be done.

To stick to their budget, he suggested a simple wood and concrete-screed look. The rest of the budget would be used to help restructure the space.

While he could not do anything about the long and narrow passageway that led into the home, he made sure that it opened into a surprisingly airy space. The wall that separated the kitchen and living area was taken down to create a brighter, larger area.

A long bench-like surface also extends from the customised TV console, right up to the sliding doors of the balcony, which helps to visually elongate the room.

Wood-framed frosted glass panels were used to replace the solid wall separating the living area from the master bedroom, while the light from the room offers a lovely lantern-like glow through the glass.

In the bedroom, Raymond camouflaged the entrance of the en-suite bathroom by using the same material and treatment as the wardrobe doors, for a clean and sophisticated look.

The couple spent $80,000 on the renovation, and are now the proud owners of a home that boasts a contemporary appearance, influenced by the simplicity of the Scandinavian style and the rugged appeal of the industrial look.