This couple brought the charm of Paris into their four-room flat, but ensured that the space appeared modern, clean and cheerful with the help of their interior designer from Space Sense and $60,000 put into renovation.

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The couple adopted a minimalist palette of creams and white accentuated by clean black lines.

HDB flat, dbss, four-room flat, renovation, home and decor
They brought in plenty of light into their home by replacing their study room’s walls with glass windows. The common walls-to-window design idea was given a unique twist with the help of black-framed irregular-sized windows.


hdb flat, dbss, four-room flat, home and decor, renovation,
Old fashioned chimneys are what inspired the television console. “I want visitors eyes to be trained upwards, following the vertical “chimney” to the ceiling," explains the designer. This will give the illusion of a higher ceiling.


HDB flat, dbss, four-room flat, home and decor, renovation
The walk-in wardrobe is a mix of what both the husband and wife wanted. On the left, the husband’s wardrobe is hidden behind sleek, embellishment free glass while on the right, the wife’s wardrobe showcases classic doors with moulding details.


bathroom, hdb flat, four-room flat, dbss, home and decor, renovation
No messy renovation needed to install the bathtub. By picking a clawfoot bathtub that fit into the shower space, they simply had to plonk it into place.


bedroom, hdb flat, dbss, four-room flat, home and decor, renovation
To keep the space contemporary, the couple opted for a modern, white, 2-D-inspired chandelier instead of an old-world one that had crystals dangling from its edges. Picture frames were spray-painted white and used as an interesting backdrop for their bed.