This three-bedroom apartment was designed to be relaxing, simple and uncluttered. The fusion of Asian and modern decor elements resulted in an electric look. The living room is dominated by a Chinese daybed upholstered in a crisp white fabric, and complemented with a modern, fabric sofa. 

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The apartment is the epitome of calm and airiness, the light-filled interior given an additional lift by the mostly white colour scheme. 

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The generous use of mirrors brings even more light into the space. As mirrors visually double the space while reflecting the scenic view of the lush greenery outdoors, the entire home looks larger than it actually is.  

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In the dining room sit a vintage, almost century-old bench from a Chinese opera house, and a set of Eames armchairs. The vibrant painting, titled Transient by Thai artist Jaruwat Boonwaedlom, depicts the bustle of Bangkok’s Siam Square. 

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The bed in the master bedroom faces open views of lush greenery for a refreshing start to the day. The interior’s calm, neutral palette feels fresh and inviting, filled with paintings and potted plants throughout. 

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This resting pad allows the homeowner to relax and enjoy his breakfast on the balcony, which features great views of the city's skyline.