Though pink-and-green isn’t a common colour pairing in a home’s interiors, this refreshing palette graces a five room HDB apartment.  It is the perfect springtime colour to lift a room, and unexpectedly works well with the sombre shade of turquoise that grounds the frothy shade. 

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The dark turquoise wall across from the pink mosaic feature balances the bright shade. Using mosaic instead of paint provides texture, a vintage vibe and plenty of panache. The open, asymmetrical metal shelves balance out the simple, symmetrical framework of a “house” on which the TV is mounted. 

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Because red is complementary to green on the colour wheel, and pink is a tint of red, the combination of pink and green works to create a strong colour contrast. Dennis uses turquoise curtains and a path of artificial turf by the windows to visually connect the turquoise living space with the pink dining room. Unexpected shots of lemon yellow and tomato red in the lighting and furniture add to the energy in the space. 

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The corridor to the bedrooms is painted white as this is a transitional space that doesn’t need to be “busy”. 

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To make the sombre wall colour sing, the owner made sure the space has enough light streaming in. 

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It takes guts to use this lush, rich green anywhere in the home. Undertones of grey in the curtain and wardrobe doors help to dial down the brightness.