Not a fan of the minimalist look, these homeowners gave their home a vintage look that is more than just a design statement, but a testament to the lifestyle of the bygone era. The key to pulling off the vintage look without the home looking like a cluttered antique store is to reflect the homeowners’ personalities, designing it around their specific likes. 

brick feature wall, vintage, old world charm, antiques
The faux brick wall goes nicely with the chesterfield leather sofas in the hall. The previous homeowners had extended the living room which “brought in” additional space from the balcony, which is how the large sofa is able to fit into the area.

wall decals, suitcases, vintage, luggage
These wall decals hide the storeroom door, while the suitcases provide storage for items that are seldom accessed. 

mismatched chairs, pool table, dining area, living room
The mismatched chair enlivens the dining area. The table looks like a regular table, albeit a little wider, but it is actually able to be divided into two and the top can be removed to become a pool table.

vintage, collection, homes, house tour, vintage
Vintage accessories sourced from local and online stores and displayed on the wall give the place a retro feel. The shelves were designed specifically to showcase the collection of items. 

blackboard, vintage, dining area, living room, house tour, homes
The diamond clock was common in old kopitiams. The old entrance to the bathroom was sealed up and painted over with blackboard paint.