To be honest, we're kind of tired of the industrial-style loft apartment. This loft apartment designed by Arc Define doesn't need exposed brick walls and concrete floors to look stylish – it does so with the homeowner's covetable well-made designer furniture, his extensive art and book collection, and interesting accessories. The trick is in knowing where to put everything. 


loft, apartment, living room, sofa
To give the living area a zap of colour, the owner selected artworks and furnishings that are bright and vibrant. 


loft, apartment, bookshelf, dining room

Warm wooden flooring complements the homeowner's exotic rugs, while the display shelf showcases his treasured tomes and rare souvenirs.


loft, apartment, kitchen, staircase
With the original ceiling board removed, the owner’s dream of a loft area and attic is realised. This space is accessible by a stairwell at the corner.


loft, apartment, guestroom
The art gallery in the loft area also serves as a guestroom. Adorned with the owner’s exquisite artworks, the space is used to entertain family and guests during dinner parties too.


loft, apartment, four-poster bed, bedroom
The Tibetan rug and chest blends harmoniously with the safari-themed decor in the master bedroom.