When homeowner and interior designer Alvin of Homme Space was designing his own home, he wanted his design studio integrated into it as well, so he could live and work in the same compound. Housed in a conservation shophouse in Selegie, the multifunctional space is contemporary with statement pieces and a growing collection of design objects. It certainly makes for an interesting workplace!


The living room/office zone is a bold mish-mash of looks: Vintage trunks and cameras sit alongside Paul Smith’s special series of rabbits.

Part of the living room is sectioned into an office space for Alvin’s staff. His own workspace is tucked into a corner – which doubles as a library – behind the wall for extra privacy.

Alvin also has a library space dedicated to his design tomes.

Retro grey floral-patterned tiles were specially chosen for the kitchen flooring to retain some of the place’s bygone charm.

A Transformers figure stands guard at the second floor corridor along the staircase.

The master bedroom blends contemporary styles with vintage props set against a warm, earthy palette of greys and browns.

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