Structural alterations were done such that this 680sqf-sized three-room HDB flat now has an open concept, giving the bachelor homeowner the flexibility to have a bigger communal area and private bedrooms when needed. The interior designer from ID Emboss knocked down as many walls as possible to open up the kitchen and bedrooms, so the entire home can be seen upon stepping in. A masculine theme, involving black, grey, white and walnut tones, runs through the home. The renovation cost around $47,000, excluding furniture.


The bedroom next to the flat’s entrance was transformed into an open living room.

The former bedroom’s walls were replaced with curtains and bi-fold doors so that the area can still be used as a private room when needed. 


The “concrete” tiles and plain white walls in the flat form the perfect backdrop for the homeowner’s furniture. By the main entrance, a wooden sideboard and retro-inspired gadgets make an interesting vignette. 


The open dining area, part of a now more spacious living area, takes up the footprint of what used to be the small common area. 

The owner fitted a snug study area into the former utility space with the help of a bar-height table that is aligned with the windows.

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