living room, chandelier, upholstered furniture, arm chairs, european style

The bold, opulent style of this home makes it hard to believe it is actually a HDB apartment. This four-room flat follows the classic European-style after the homeowners were inspired from living abroad in Europe. Upon entering the home, guests will see that the inviting foyer opens to a large dining space with a table that seats six comfortably.

living room, chandelier, upholstered furniture, arm chairs, european style
A wall was removed to create a bright nook for reading, in contrast to the dark sensuality of the living room. Oversized furnishings such as the ottoman add drama with their scale. Faux wooden beams on the ceilings complete the European feel. Armchairs formerly from Shangri-La hotel look as good as new. 

floral wallpaper, brick, corridor, bedroom
This floral wallpaper brings a dash of femininity and vibrancy to the space. Framing the doorways with moulding distinguishes the different spaces, as is the characteristics of old-style European homes. 

kitchen, burgundy walls, laminated timber, country-style
The rustic Spanish influences in this home are evident in its burgundy walls, laminated timber floorboards and country-style kitchen. 

bed, european style, lamps, beside tables, chandelier
The master bedroom is anchored by a massive bed complete with overhead curtain canopy. The large baroque-style chandelier hangs over the homeowners’ bed gives a visual impact. 

walk-in wardrobe, european style, bedroom
Adjacent to the bedroom is the walk-in wardrobe, which was converted from the third bedroom, stores over a hundred pairs of shoes and a large number of clothes.