Ever dreamt of living surrounded by Chanel, Ralph Lauren or Louis Vuitton? This family lives the dream. They commissioned Royal Living to help them design a European luxe home that brought the quintessential characteristics of their favourite fashion brands into their bedrooms.

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The two bedroom apartment pays homage to Paris, the home of some of their favourite brands. The family modelled their dining room after Parisian cafes, decking the partition between the kitchen and the dining table with a little white awning. 

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Head towards the bedrooms where chic black and white doors greet visitors in a cream-coloured corridor. Gracing each door's centre is a large, gold-plated R that is used as a doorknob for the rooms. The R stands for Ralph, the owner's name.

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Turn into the first bedroom on the left and you step into the daughter's bedroom. Each item in the room was picked to represent one of the daughter's favourite brands. The creams and browns of the room, anchored by the checkered throw on the bed was inspired by the ever-classy Burberry. The window seat was fashioned after a Louis Vuitton trunk, and the headboard was inspired by Chanel's quilted bags.

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The designer created an accessories drawer similar to the ones in fashion boutiques to house the daughter's many fashion accoutrements. The studded gold table was created to mimic the look of Louis Vuitton trunks.

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The master bedroom was designed to channel the masculine elegance of Ralph Lauren. The designer used plenty of dark tones in the room including ebony wood panels to create a false set of drawers over the window seat. 

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The room is also accented with black crocodile leather.