This classic, modern-looking home underwent a couple of changes so it could be spacious and functionable.
The designer at Whiz Concepts decided to do away with the original layout and reduced the kitchen's footprint to create a larger dining area with space large enough for ten people. The extra space was used to increase the size of the dining area, creating a space large enough for ten people.

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The wall coverings were inspired by the a plush armchair upholstered in cowhide, hence a similar colour is found on the walls, fabric ceiling lamps, creating an atmosphere that is both cosy and masculine.

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The home's look is influenced by the classic style of a gentlemen's club.

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The interior walls were knocked down, allowing an enclosed bedroom to be created, so the rest of the space could go to building the library- the central feature. Here, wall-to-wall open shelving units made from medium-density fibreboard (MDF) provide for all the storage needs, from books to vintage radios and cameras.

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An L-shaped corner of the library is bordered with a bench seating, with handy storage nooks built behind them. This area easily seats more than 10 guests without being cramped.