Mark Yong of PIU Design took on this project because he was intrigued by the unique touches the couple wanted to bring to their home. The couple asked for an industrial-loft style home meets Zen minimalism. They wanted every room to have something unique and different. 

The biggest surprise was in the living room:

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The home has a minimalist look, save for the surprise industrial elements Mark brought in.

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The "shipping container" was one of the many surprises Mark planned for the couple. The structure, while not a real shipping container, is a near perfect replica. But open it up and you'll find a cosy bathroom for guests. The sudden colour and boldness of the industrial structure complements the warm wood.

To create a unique contrast in their daughter's bedroom, a structural beam was left in its bare concrete state. 

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The bathroom wall was given a graphic treatment, with a mosaic wall touting phrases like ,"wash behind your ears".

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The mood of the kitchen is kept industrial, thanks to the cool tones of the kitchen features.

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