For the design of this three-storey terrace house to reflect the homeowners personalities, senior interior designer Dan Wu from Fuse Concept decided to play with pastel hues for the different levels of the home. He chose pastels as they aren't too loud, but bright enough and easy on the eye.

After the owners approved the pastel theme, Dan introduced a series of three-dimensional shapes as part of the living room wall feature.

The white orbs punctuated with the yellow ones create a whimsical effect.

The bold Him & Her chairs by Fabio Novembre and “jigsaw” kitchen counter are a kooky touch.

Recessed lighting is built around the mirror for ambient lighting in the dining area. To delineate the living and dining areas, the walls at the dining area are in grey mosaic.

The bedroom features latte and mocha tones for the laminated squares that make up the headboard.

Through the astute use of colours and shapes, Dan turned seemingly mundane parts of the home into attention-grabbing features.