After his stay in Paris, this homeowner returned to Singapore and chose this walk-up apartment because of his love of beauty in old things such as architecture and cobblestone streets. He personalised his home with parisan antiques, art pieces from the Salvation Army as well as new items from Ikea. 

The charmingly electric mix of chinoserie and baroque elements in this walk-up apartment in the leafy enclave of the Portsdown area, coupled with Parisian antique and store finds, has resulted in unique interiors that brim with personality.

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The high ceiling and regular rectangular layout appealed to the homeowner as it was easy to visualise how the space could be decorated. The “gas station” enamel lampshades complement the look of the dining table and chairs. 

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The original bare white space of the apartment was a perfect canvas for the homeowner’s decor pieces. A framed art pieces hangs above Parisian antique market finds such as the wooden shoe moulds. Choosing pieces with history, most of the items have a 18th century baroque style and an industrial vintage look. 

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A microcosm of his varied tastes, the master bedroom is a mix of Eastern and Western elements, and old and new pieces in an easy-breezy style. 

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Friends who visit the second floor apartment gravitate naturally to its long balcony, which is at tree canopy level.