The homeowners of this inter-terrace house have created a beautiful mix of old and new, traditional and edgy design, in its interiors. Owners of furnture shop Pomelo, they instinctively know how to create spaces brimming with style and dimension. We bring you through the spaces to steal some style tips. Designers at Formwerkz were also brought in to work on the home. 

living room, wood furniture, sofa, carpet, stripes

The striped rug makes all the difference in this space – it adds a sense of fun, colour, texture and warmth to the neutral tones of the other furnishings.


dining room, art, map, pendant lamp, Emeco chair, retro furniture, wood furniture, vintage

The eclectic mix of designs in the dining area – such as the vintage wooden sideboard, dining table with classic wood-turned legs, and industrial Emeco chairs, work perfectly together. Each style might be distinctive, but they don't overwhelm each other. 


kitchen, backsplash

The otherwise plain black-and-white kitchen gets a decorative surface with the patterned backsplash, actually Marimekko fabric set behind a glass panel!


kids room, painting, art, teal

Some walls choose to shock, like this teal one in the daughter's room, which features a painting by Badruzzaman. The contast is toned down however, with the equally flamboyant Established & Sons sideboard, which echoes a similar colour scheme.


children room, storage, cabinet

Even the storage cabinetry is given a sense of dimension, with closed well as open compartments to display treasured toys, in the son's room.