Sometimes, having too much space can be a problem, too. What do you use to create focus in that vast space? Together with design firm Architology, the owner of this double-storey terrace house used his walls to make all the decor statements neccessary, with stunning effect. 

art, terrace, house, rug, living room, staircase, bookshelf
The homeowners made use of multiple sets of sofas, statement artworks, and a vertical garden to zone their vast, open-plan living area.


plants, green wall, dining room, dining table, dining chairs, wooden bench, bench
A foolproof way to offset the rough finishes of an industrial space is by introducing elements of nature, such as wood and greenery. A living green wall is a stylish alternative to putting art up. It relaxes the mind as well.


kitchen, cabinets, kitchen cabinets, shelf, countertop

A refrigerator was built into the cabinets behind the kitchen island, keeping this space functional and stylish. The stark black lines against the white cabinets can be seen as a striking example of modern art as well.


art, terrace, house, terrace house, railing
Large vividly coloured paintings and a white brick treatment prevent this large expense of wall from looking stark.