The designers at Spacedge Designs played with the concept of a "Wonderbox" within this 4-room HDB flat to create a sleek, urban, and beautifully minimalist home.

By encasing all the "unsightly" features within a home such as storage, cupboards, and an entrance to a washroom within a glossy black "box", the home is left with an uncluttered appearance that's rare in smaller apartments.

The living room's colourful furniture was a much needed respite from the home's spartan elements and grey-toned palette.

The "wonder box" opens up to reveal many surprises, including its colourful interiors.

Many of the internal walls were also removed, creating a loft-life feel for the rest of this open-concept home.

By moving wardrobes — which are usually found in the bedroom — into the "box" feature, the open master bedroom could adopt a more minimalist treatment.

The bedroom was further zoned into resting and study areas with the help of a standalone shelf rather than a wall. This helped keep the flow of space more organic.

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