The reconfiguration of this three-room HDB flat at Shunfu by Box ID Studio resulted in open-concept spaces that made the home look brighter and larger. The more spacious interiors also meant the couple can now enjoy a long kitchen island worktop cum dining table and a walk-in wardrobe. The new layout was also done without compromising the living and bedroom spaces!

HDB, three-room flat, living room, open-concept
The uneven-toned cement screed floor gives and edgy feel to the minimalist space. 


living room, sofa, coffee table, kitchen
The owners chose furniture that is bold in colour, yet simple in form to match the streamlined space.


kitchen, island countertop, dining table
The mosaic-clad dining table and a lighting feature of exposed wires and bulbs add a touch of retro chic to the dining space.


kitchen, kitchen island, countertop, cooker hood
The conjoined dining table and island unit – complete with counter space, sink and hob – saves space in the kitchen. The sink and hob are slightly raised to demarcate the cooking and dining zones.


bedroom, curtain, walk-in wardrobe
Like the living area, the bedroom wears a clean and spare aesthetic that emphasises its space and simplicity. The walk-in wardrobe has a curtain 'door' to soften the look in the master bedroom.


bathroom, washbasin, sink
This inset sink counter in the master bedroom frees up space in the bathroom proper, and allows husband and wife to use either area independently.