Designed with a contemporary Italian and classic-modern style in mind, this three-bedroom apartment at Holland Peak by Collective Designs is rich in classic details and sumptuous furnishings, and has an abundance of accessories.

The interior, which costs about $355,000 for turnkey service, boasts plenty of depth, layering and dimension. There’s also a generous display of texture throughout the home by way of textured paint finish (silvery shading on ivory/ pale coral paint) and soft furnishings.

The living room also makes a deep impression with ornate details such as gold and metal trimmings and mirror finishes, and large pieces of art in gold frames. Many of the art pieces and sculptures displayed were purchased during the owner’s travels. Curved lines on the entryway wall, in the tv console area and along the edges of the air well in the living room lend a soft touch.

The dry kitchen is another sleek showcase of textures and materials, with custom carpentry in Italian matte soft touch and anti-fingerprint timber finish. An accent pillar linking the kitchen to the breakfast nook is finished with a textured decorative paint on one side, and is backed by a bronze-tinted mirror and display shelves on the other side.

The guest bedroom was incorporated into the master bedroom space to form the walk-in wardrobe and the walk-in bag closet. "Her" walk-in is a specially customized open concept with hand spray-paint finished drawer fronts, an accessory island , corner cabinets, internal LED lighting, handle-less drawers with chamfered edging and built-in dehumidifiers.

Echoing the classic style in the living room but in a more subdued tone, the master bedroom is characterised by more modern materials like glass, steel and mirrors. A king-size bed takes centre stage, with a custom made quilted headboard and elm laminate finish, and bedside tables in Italian soft-touch wood finish. Colours are inspired by a neutral colour palette, in pale bronzes and browns, creating a stylish yet warm and calm space.

From left to right: Merry D. Kasiman (Designer), Jane Febrina (Designer), Selina Tay (Principal Designer), Phoebe Mah (Senior Designer)


With over two decades of experience in the interior design industry and now heading her own boutique interior design firm, it’s not surprising that Selina tay is adept in envisioning the most suitable design for her residential projects. She places great emphasis on the flow of light, air and energy in a house, maximising all the elements to create a beautifully liveable home.

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