This 2000sqf penthouse filled with art pieces and Asian decor, creates a place that is interesting to look at no matter where you turn. A restrained palette of white and wood ensures the sleek, contemporary furnishings don’t compete, but where he does use colour, it is intense. 

The dining area was converted, it is now an intimate alcove housing a bespoke glass table paired with see-through Louis Ghost chairs, from part of the terrace to allocate more room to the living space. The transparency of the furniture turns the focus on the vibrant painting. Even when closed, the sliding glass doors between the living and dining areas retain a seamlessness between two zones. 

living room, kitchen top, red, electric, modern
Shots of red in the chair, accessories and artwork make for vibrant and exciting touches in the living area. Bespoke bookshelves keep the space uncluttered. 

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Light spills in from the full-height windows on both floors. The large terrace and its marvellous views contributed significantly to the homeowner’s decision to purchase this penthouse. 

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A host of mirrored surfaces in the master bedroom reflects the light entering from the full-height windows, lending a resort-like feel to the space.

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To create a bigger space, the homeowner extended the master bedroom into the terrace. A vanity island separates the sleeping area from the Jacuzzi and walk-in wardrobe, made by enclosing the garden. The bedroom was also meant to be light and bright so it wouldn’t draw attention away from the collection.